Creamy Butternut Squash Pasta

1 01 2016

20151011_180732This one is a little different. I’m all about butternut roasted in salads or made in to a great curry soup, even as a filling in a ravioli but I’ve never seen the squash BE the sauce. To give credit where credit is due, Katie found this recipe. I think I actually made it the same day she sent it to me. We grow butternut in the garden every year and this year was a VERY good year for that particular plant, in fact we still have 8-9 of them wintering right now to use throughout the cold months. Alright, enough yammering, on to the recipe. Read the rest of this entry »


The Best Kale Salad

27 04 2013

kale saladI have to give credit where credit is due.  My sister-in-law, Heidi, provided this recipe.  It is truly awesome and I can’t wait for you all to make it and let me know what you think too.  As we approach the warm weather this salad  should become a staple of picnics, BBQ’s and/or any other outdoor dining experience you can think of.  It takes all of about 5 minutes to put together. Read the rest of this entry »

Golden Fried Artichokes

2 02 2010

This one requires some explanation.  When I was a child growing up in California, my grandmother lived at the beach near Aptos (down the road from Santa Cruz if you’re not familiar with the area).  This is prime agricultural area, Watsonville for strawberries and beans, berries, etc.  Well down the road a few miles is a town called Castroville.  Castroville is known for basically one thing, they are the world capital for growing artichokes.

As a special treat, we’d go to Castroville with grandma once per year in the peak of the harvest and visit the reastaurant “The Giant Artichoke”.  It has the distinction of having a giant 25 ft. concrete artichoke outside the building and was a magnet for kids like me.  The restaurant is still there today, still serving those beautiful little veggies in any number of ways.  I came across this fried artichoke recipe today and had to share as my grandmother died this year at the age of 91.  It is and will be one of my fondest memories of her to make this trip with my children this summer.

Enjoy the recipe. Read the rest of this entry »

Dang Cold Asian Noodle Salad – Updated

31 01 2010

I know, goofy title but this is an old recipe from a Guy Fieri TV show that is long gone and I’ve adjusted some things to my taste. It’s a great, easy salad to put together and it goes with any number of other dishes. We have a group that is having a sushi party tonight and it aught to be a great match. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Funny, I just noticed that I originally posted this recipe exactly 5 years ago today (1/31/15 as of update), that’s some weird voodoo stuff right there!
Read the rest of this entry »

Roasted Poblano Peppers stuffed with Corriander Rice

23 01 2010

Roasted poblano peppers stuffed with coriander rice are mouth-watering and satisfying vegetarian substitutes for lunch or dinner.

Char the poblano peppers over an open fire if at all possible. The combination of smoky peppers, chili heat, spices and lime juice, with plenty of fluffy rice to soak it up, is mesmerizing and almost irresistible.

Preparation is easy, and only a quick toss is required to finish the dish.

The strong Tex-Mex overtones do not restrict this dish to a Texas or Mexican meal, but contribute interest to almost any cuisine. The heartiness of the peppers and rice replaces the hunger for meat. The result is a dish welcomed and enjoyed whenever it appears on your table. Read the rest of this entry »

The Best Balsamic Vinegar Salad Dressing

23 01 2010

Wow, take a look at this. Don’t buy salad dressing off the shelf when it’s this easy to do yourself, and the quality is so much better!  Edit:  I have adjusted the brown sugar content down a bit and upped the mustard.  Enjoy the updated recipe! Read the rest of this entry »

Chicken Chopped Salad

22 01 2010

I love chopped salads.  They are simple, can be changed to your tastes and inexpensive dinners.  Here’s a great example, enjoy! Read the rest of this entry »


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